2021 | it's everything, and it's nothing. It is the contrast of a warm sunbeam with the ice of a good lemonade. It's the salty sea and it's the sweet drops of ice cream running through your fingers. It's the day, and it's the night. It's the calm of the ocean waves breaking on the sand while on the columns an intense beat of your favorite music plays!

The day is made up of contrasts, life is made up of opposites, and that is where the beauty of it all lies.

And so, now more than ever, this is a “non-concept” concept of a collection.
It will be everything and only what you feel about her. Like everything in life, the meaning is given by you. Raspberries is peace, it's calm, it's serenity, and Raspberries is joy, it's movement, it's EUPHORIA.