Who doesn't like surprises? Because. It was just like that. An almost random call, and minutes later our dream had a name, Raspberries.

We are two economists, completely in love with the fashion field, and we quickly realized that our world went far beyond theories, predictions and auditing. What we really want is to count successes and smiles with this project that inspires us and makes us dream…

But what better thing than making a dream come true? We also know not. It was here that everything changed, when you started being part of our life, making our dream come true. Are we happy? We are happy! And it's the little things, the most fragile and delicate things that change our life, like a raspberry. But is there anyone who remains indifferent to you? Its beauty is undeniable, its aroma is unmistakable, its flavor is unique and its tone is passionate.

But this time we weren't just talking about the raspberry, we're talking about us women. And it is for women who have been flourishing in our collections, since April 2015, that every season there is a new story to tell. In fact, it's not just one story, there are as many stories as you are, there are as many stories as the days when a Rambooesas play goes out into the street and embraces the eyes of those who are not indifferent to it. And also on the beach or in the garden, in the snow or in the warmth of grandma's fireplace, Rambooesas is always present, recording the best moments of our lives! And our story has been written like this, among dreams, challenges and full satisfaction with the results achieved, all thanks to you, who are on this side and who motivate us every day!