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A guide for an unforgettable trip to the pristine beaches of Albania!

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Where to stay?

There is a variety of hotels available in Albania, here are two suggestions for the two cities where we stayed:


Arameras Beach Hotel , a new and modern space, in a super trendy style, where you can enjoy good sunbathing!


La Brisa Boutique Hotel , a super comfortable hotel, right on the beach, in an area with several beachclubs to enjoy great moments by the sea.

What to do?

Surrounded by beautiful blue waters, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches with umbrellas and historically rich cities, there is no shortage of options to include on your next trip to Albania. Once you arrive, we suggest renting a car to explore the island. Here are our top recommendations on what to do:

It starts in Tirana , the capital of Albania. Here, in this bustling city, you can explore markets, have a drink in one of the many bars, walk the streets and enjoy the city's beautiful architecture.

Further south appears the paradise of beaches. A region that inspired our latest collection, this coastline bathed by crystalline waters and white sand is a perfect destination for anyone looking to soak up the sun. We got to know the beaches around Ksamil and Dhërmi and we fell in love!

Ksamil won our hearts. This is where we photographed and filmed most of our last campaign, this idyllic island is full of bays, small coves and lovely beaches.

What to eat and where?

We were quite apprehensive about this part, which for us, lovers of a good meal, is super important.

The truth is that in Ksamil all the restaurants surprised us a lot with their positive, Mediterranean and Italian style food. We also recommend the fish, seafood from the area that is always super fresh.

Our top 3 restaurants in Ksamil:

Veranda Apollonia Ksamil

Abiori Bar Restaurant Pizzeria

Guvat Mediterranean Bar & Rest

In Dhërmi we just went to Luciano and we just loved it!

What to wear?

To enjoy the sun during the day, a Raspberry bikini is absolutely mandatory!

And since the best part of the day (for us) is the sunset, nothing like a super practical cover-up to wear over your bikini!

At night, a relaxed look for dinner, a white linen dress or even a very colorful one to highlight the bronze!

We hope these tips are helpful!

A big kiss and happy holidays,


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